The aviation gravimetric system includes a system for determining navigation parameters (1), an onboard computer (15), an altimeter (2), and a gravimeter (3) with two channels. Each of the channels has one string element (6, 7), which are made in the form of two vertical strings that are identical and fixed at one end to the top and bottom of the inertial mass (5), which is attached to the sides of the sealed housing (4) by an elastic element (9), and the free ends of the vertical strings are connected to string generators (10, 11), the outputs of which are connected to the inputs of the adder (8). In addition, the gravimeter additionally contains an amplifier (12) with a protective ring (13), a digital module (14), and an intelligent Fuzzy module (16). The input of the amplifier (12) with the protective ring (13) is connected to the output of the totalizer (8), and the output of the totalizer is connected through the digital module (14) to the input of the on-board computer (OB) (15), which includes an intelligent Fuzzy module (16) interacting with the OB, the output of which is the output of the intelligent gravimetric system.

The utility model belongs to the measuring equipment and can be used to carry out gravimetric measurements on aircraft in geodesy and geology in remote search for minerals.

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