The installation for producing high-octane motor fuel components from polymeric waste includes a hopper, a screw drive, an electric furnace, a pyrolysis reactor, a solid fraction collector, a heat exchanger, the outlet of which is connected to a gas collector and a liquid collector, as well as an external heating system and a pipe for removing the vapor-gas mixture from the reactor. In addition, it further comprises a heater, a distillation column, a three-section fraction collector, a fraction mixer, and an outlet collector connected in series, the second and third outputs of the distillation column being connected to the second and third inputs of the three-section collector, the second and third outputs of which are connected to the second and third inputs of the fraction mixer. The pyrolysis reactor of the plant additionally contains a catalyst, in particular, based on TiO2.

The utility model belongs to the field of polymer waste processing based on methods catalytic chemistry, obtaining fractions of isoparaffinic, olefin, naphthenic and aromatic hydrocarbons from liquid products of catalysis of low-temperature pyrolysis of polymer waste and can be used in the oil refining industry in order to obtain components 5 motor and aviation gasoline.

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