The invention relates to the processing of thermoplastic materials by extrusion, in particular for the manufacture of flexible tubular products, […]
A method for obtaining oxidative-organosolvent fibrous semi-finished product includes cooking the chaff of stems of agricultural plants with a solution […]
A  device for the continuous production of solid biofuels from sludge composites, which is equipped with additional heating of the […]
A method of surface treatment of paper and cardboard, in which an aqueous solution of nanocellulose is coated on the […]
A method for obtaining nanocellulose from non-wood plant material, which uses organosolvent cellulose, followed by its hydrolysis and ultrasonic treatment, […]
A method for producing organosolvent pulp, which uses non-wood plant raw materials. As a non-wood plant raw materials are used, […]
A method for obtaining a zinc(II) oxide photocatalyst by precipitation includes the addition of 1M NaOH dropwise to the initial […]
A method for obtaining a thin-film flexible biodegradable thermoelectric material, in which semiconductor films are deposited on the surface of […]