The invention relates to the chemical industry and can be used in column apparatus for carrying out processes of rectification, […]
The device for determining the coefficient of friction of bulk materials on a contact surface with different roughness contains a […]
The body of the antenna array module includes a base made of thermally conductive material, with a lower end horizontal […]
The passive protection system of a nuclear reactor contains a protective shell in which the reactor vessel with thin-walled metal […]
A transformer containing a magnetic core with windings is installed in an oil tank closed with a hermetically sealed lid, […]
The semiconductor detector comprises a first metal contact, a base region made of silicon and a second metal contact forming […]
Application of Helmholtz acoustic resonator for gas hydrate dissociation and methane release from gas hydrate cluster.
The device for catching and cooling the core melt of a nuclear reactor contains a pre-chamber in the reactor shaft, […]