The stabiliser gas burner with a vortex generator contains a body in the form of at least one hollow poor-circulation […]
The utility model belongs to the wind energy industry. Such pneumatic power plants usually use consumers of electric energy, which, […]
The heat exchange pipe comprises screw grooves of depth h with pitch t and angle of inclination to the longitudinal […]
The method of testing the pipe for strength and density includes sealing the pipe at both ends, removing air from […]
The utility model belongs to the field of heat power engineering and will be useful in heat-generating, boiler plants of […]
The electromechanical system for accumulating gravitational energy contains a gravitational energy accumulator consisting of a rail track made to be […]
The finned heat exchange surface contains internal channels with a flat-oval cross-sectional shape, on the outer surfaces of which there […]
The invention relates to the chemical industry and can be used in column apparatus for carrying out processes of rectification, […]