The stabiliser gas burner with a vortex generator contains a body in the form of at least one hollow poor-circulation body – a stabiliser with front and rear outlet end walls, which simultaneously is a gas collector. In the middle part of the body between the front and rear end walls there is a corresponding shaped branch pipe for supplying air for combustion. Holes are made in outlet end wall of stabilizer housing along periphery of air channel to supply gas to recirculation zone behind outlet end wall. A nozzle is installed on the side of the outlet end wall of the housing, in which a vortex generator is made in the form of a niche depression, which directly adjoins the outlet end wall of the burner housing. Diameters of niche recess dn and outlet part dnoz of nozzle are larger than diameter of circle D along which gas distributing holes are located, and length of niche ln does not exceed 1/3 of total length of nozzle lnoz.

Proposed utility model relates to stabilizer-type burner devices for combustion of gaseous fuel in air flow with separate channels for supply of air and gas. Burners can be used in heat and power engineering in various kinds of thermal installations, thermal treatment furnaces of materials, air heaters, combustion chambers 5 of gas turbine installations, etc., where it is necessary to ensure reliable ignition of the flare, stable operation of the burner, high intensity of combustion and completeness of combustion of fuel when working in a wide range of modes to change the excess air coefficient from α > > 1.0 to α≈1,0.

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