The invention relates to heat engineering, in particular to methods of manufacturing evaporativecondensation heat transfer devices, namely flat heat pipes designed to remove heat from heatgenerating electronic components with a flat contact surface. Before flattening a thin-walled cylindrical housing blank, it is rolled at both ends. A filling tube is soldered to the hole made at one of the ends, through which the internal space of the housing blank is completely filled with process fluid. The end of the tube is compressed until its internal surfaces touch. Flattening of the workpiece to a given size with the formation of flat edges is carried out by applying external pressure to ensure the disconnection of the flattened end of the filling tube and the outflow of excessive volume of process fluid due to a decrease in its volume during flattening. Before vacuuming and partial filling of the body with coolant with its subsequent sealing, the process fluid is completely removed. The technical result is the expansion of technological capabilities and applications.

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