Invention relates to water treatment systems and can be used in life support systems of manned spacecraft for regeneration of water from liquid products of crew life.

The distillation system has a thermoelectric heat pump, circulation circuits of the evaporated solution and condensate, heat exchanger-cooler, supercooled condensate circulation circuit, fresh solution supply system, distillate and gas discharge system, centrifugal distiller with housing accommodating rotor divided into superheated solution evaporator; at least one recovery degree of evaporation, final steam condenser, condensate collector, circulating scoop pumps, scoop pump for condensate pumping from the final condenser to the condensate collector and scoop pumps of the solution level control system in evaporation degrees. Fresh solution supply system is connected to circulating circuit of evaporated solution. In the last stage of evaporation there is a circulating scoop pump of the circulating circuit of the solution concentrate, into which a replaceable filter of solid impurities is serially connected. Outlet branch pipe of filter is connected to channel for return to last stage of evaporation of evaporated solution concentrate purified from solid impurities. In condensate collector there is a signal scoop of condensate level regulator, and in evaporator of superheated solution – signal scoop of solution level regulator. The distillation system will reduce irreversible water losses during its regeneration from hydrogen-containing waste and specific energy costs, improve the quality of the distillate and increase its reliability.

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