The device for measuring the temperature separation of the polarization thermal imager includessequentially located on the same optical axis, the […]
The combined seismic-acoustic detector module consists of a closed hermetically sealed module housing, which houses: a vertically directed seismic sensor […]
A method for controlling the temperature regime of the glass bath of a regenerative furnace, which uses data from a […]
The analog-digital device of two-channel monopulse carrier frequency measurement consists of an antenna device and a two-channel phase-metering system for […]
An electric machine with a built-in gearless electromechanical differential contains fixed and movable inductors with separate power supply of windings […]
The analog-digital device of two-channel monopulse bearing measurement of radio radiation sources at the carrier frequency of input signals consists […]
The invention relates to radio electronics, physical chemistry and other industries for remote determination of parameters of containers (capacities), which […]
The microstrip narrowband filter contains a dielectric base, one side of which is metallized, and on the other side there […]