The combined seismic-acoustic detector module consists of a closed hermetically sealed module housing, which houses: a vertically directed seismic sensor […]
The invention relates to measurement technology and can be used in devices for measuring the pyroelectric coefficient of materials used […]
A method of manufacturing a lightweight layered composite material, in which the package consists of metal plates, which is impregnated […]
The invention relates to metal forming. A method of manufacturing a double cladded diffusion welded and superplastic formed product from […]
The present invention relates to pulsed linear electromechanical energy converters and can be applied in the defense and aerospace fields. […]
The laser beam deflection device for the laser beam guidance system contains two identical branches of horizontal and vertical guidance, […]
The unmanned aerial vehicle is equipped with an electric propulsion system, contains a fuselage with tail feathers, a straight non-mechanized […]
The zoom-afocal optical system of the zoom lens for the infrared range comprises lenses made of optical material transparent in […]