The tactical modular carbine comprises a body with at least one sighting device and a shutter handle; located on its upper face, front folding handle, folding butt and pistol handle; a magazine with cartridges is inserted into the shaft of which, and inside the body there is a barrel movable in the guide sleeve of the body; connected to the gate guides and longitudinally sliding along them, are supported respectively by buffer and return springs of return-buffer mechanism, and hammer-trigger mechanism. Barrel with guides, bolt and magazine are replaceable. In this case, the barrel can have a chamber and a channel for various types of cartridges with a caliber of 4,5 to 9 mm, with a sleeve length of 28 to 33 mm, a muzzle brake-compensator is attached to the guide sleeve of the barrel, the butt with a polymer base is telescopic and folded down by 90 degrees, folding front handle comprises Picatinny bar, bolt erection handle is hinged to right or left sides of housing in horizontal plane, besides, sighting device is made detachable with possibility of fastening to upper plank Picatinny of body and contains front sight post, which is made folded along barrel.

The utility model refers to firearms and can be used to create promising samples of automatic small arms for intermediate cartridges for various purposes.

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