Movable jaw of jaw crusher is made in form of plate with hole in upper part for its suspension on […]
A method for forming gas-absorbing plugging of downhole and pile charges includes sequentially inserting a gas-absorbing element and a layer […]
The method of obtaining a volumetric superhydrophobic coating involves preparation of a filler, its mixing with a solvent and application […]
Utility model relates to grinding equipment, in particular, to centrifugal roller-pendulum mills, and can be used in chemical, mining and […]
Method of preparing additive for cement mixture with increased resistance to aggressive medium includes combination and mechanical mixing of mixture […]
The utility model concerns the design of bucket teeth of earth-moving machines, which are used to develop and transport soils […]
The multifunctional support mast contains a frame base with tiers and braces. It is made of steel elements with the […]
The device for the construction of monolithic tunnel support includes a tunnel boring shield with head and tail cylindrical shells, […]