The device for the construction of monolithic tunnel support includes a tunnel boring shield with head and tail cylindrical shells, […]
A  bench for testing the roller bearings of a belt conveyor, comprising a drive and tension drums mounted on a […]
An electric machine with a built-in gearless electromechanical differential contains fixed and movable inductors with separate power supply of windings […]
The worm gear contains a worm and a worm wheel kinematically connected to each other. The worm wheel is made […]
The vehicle wash contains non-ionic and anionic surfactants, complexes. Sorbitanoleate is used as a non-ionic surfactant, and sodium lauryl sulfate […]
A method for controlling a technological process, comprising forming information nodes of lattice structures of signals of technological information, forming […]
Method for obtaining nanostructured photocatalytic coating for self-cleaning glass, which is obtained by liquid phase deposition of TiO2 from a […]
The method belongs to the processing of materials by pressure and can be used in machine-building, aviation, metallurgical and other […]