TRL-9 Market and Economic Attractiveness The market and economic attractiveness of the development lies in the intensification of energy production […]
TRL-6 The technology of composite soldering in a vacuum is intended for the correction of casting defects and the restoration […]
TRL-6 Ceramic vacuum seals are intended for use in mechanical engineering, energy, aerospace industry, instrument making and other industries Market […]
TRL-3 A multifunctional hybrid hydrogen station with an automatic control system and the use of an additional ultrasonic field to […]
TRL-4 Market and economic attractiveness Simplicity and reliability Simplified equipment certification scheme High energy efficiency due to the use of […]
TRL-8 Heat pipes of variable thermal conductivity for thermal stabilization of space and electronic equipment have been developed Market and […]
TRL-8 Market and economic attractiveness Implementation of the development makes it possible to extend the service life of the equipment […]
TRL-9 Market and economic attractiveness The universal combustion technology “JNT” can be adapted to the customer’s requirements, the cost of […]