The controlled drip irrigation system comprises a water tank, a tank filling control means, a distribution pipeline for water drainage […]
The device for determining the coefficient of friction of bulk materials on a contact surface with different roughness contains a […]
A method for obtaining nanostructured metal oxides of groups IV and VIII by homogeneous deposition, in which the operations of […]
A method for classifying agricultural crops includes using satellite data (optical and radar), a step of pre-processing the satellite data, […]
Household solid fuel pyrolysis boiler with vortex generator has pyrolysis chambers, generator gas combustion chamber, means of forced supply of […]
A method for building land cover maps of large areas using time series of optical and radar satellite data, which […]
The invention belongs to the extrusion technology of processing thermoplastic materials, including composite ones, and can be used to make […]
The rotary tillage plow contains a frame-mounted drive drum withhorizontal axis of rotation and fixed on it U-shaped knives with […]