The device for determining the coefficient of friction of bulk materials on a contact surface with different roughness contains a […]
The analog-digital device of two-channel monopulse carrier frequency measurement consists of an antenna device and a two-channel phase-metering system for […]
The present invention relates to the field of instrumentation and can be used in determining the volume and volumetric flow […]
The channel of inter-satellite communication in the terahertz frequency band contains two geostationary communication satellites – master and slave, inter-satellite […]
The method of forming magnetic material based on FePd includes heating and holding isothermally thin magnetic soft FePd film with […]
The microstrip narrowband filter contains a dielectric base, one side of which is metallized, and on the second side there […]
A method for obtaining a detergent for cleaning metal surfaces, which includes the operations of loading into the reactor a […]
Optical filter with a high transmission coefficient in the visible spectrum contains an optically transparent substrate, which is coated with […]