Invention relates to water treatment systems and can be used in life support systems of manned spacecraft for regeneration of […]
Invention relates to radio engineering, namely to devices which perform coherent demodulation of signals with Minimum Shift-Keying (MSK-signals), and can […]
The utility model relates to biotechnology, namely to means for cultivating basidium fungi, and can be used in laboratories of […]
The waveguide-planar transition comprises a hollow metal tube of rectangular section, part of which, adjacent to its first end, forms […]
Waveguide-planar band-pass filter contains the first rectangular waveguide, one end of which serves as filter inlet, in E-plane of which […]
Band-pass filter with function of frequency readjustment contains electromagnetically connected resonators from sections of transmission lines, one ends of which […]
The device for testing electromechanical systems of electric vehicles contains interconnected by means of energy and information transmission the electromechanical […]
A device with a metasurface for controlling interaction with wave energy flows includes a substrate for the metasurface and a […]