The method of producing stabilised colloidal solutions of silver nanoparticles involves reducing silver from an aqueous solution of an argentum […]
Invention relates to a method of neutralising microorganisms by magnetic hyperthermia, in which a suspension of microorganisms with biogenic magnetic […]
Proposed useful model relates to medical equipment and is intended for use in ultrasonic therapeutic devices. Such devices are used […]
Method for purification of ethyl alcohol includes preparatory stage and two main stages, at one of which alcohol is purified […]
High-frequency wattmeter of the therapeutic apparatus, on the board of which there is a multiplication circuit through quadrature. The quadrupling […]
A method for obtaining a product based on mushroom biomass to normalize the functional state of the immune system includes […]
A method for assessing the predicted adhesion of braces to different categories of tooth surfaces includes preparing the objects under […]
The invention relates to devices for damping mechanical vibrations and can be used, for example, in medical technology in the […]