Invention relates to a method of neutralising microorganisms by magnetic hyperthermia, in which a suspension of microorganisms with biogenic magnetic nanoparticles is exposed to an alternating magnetic field with a frequency of 80 kHz and a intensity of 7.96 kA/m at a temperature of 42-43 ° C for 1 hour. wherein the microorganisms are genetically analyzed to determine the localization and type of internal structure of their biogenic magnetic nanoparticles, wherein microorganisms synthesizing crystalline biogenic magnetic nanoparticles are neutralized by magnetic hyperthermia, using their own biogenic magnetic nanoparticles as magnetic material, and microorganisms with amorphous biogenic magnetic nanoparticles are neutralized with magnetic hyperthermia, in which amorphous biogenic magnetic nanoparticles are used to increase neutralization efficiency.

Invention relates to neutralisation of microorganisms by magnetic hyperthermia in medicine, in treatment of inflammatory infectious diseases, and in laboratory researches; as well as during water purification and manufacture of magnetically controlled biosorbents.

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