The proposed device for cutting out paper and cardboard flat patterns of book covers and palettes of one book format contains a base from a calibrated sheet with thickness of 15 or 18 mm, in which, by mechanical or laser devices, through slot holes are formed, into which cut-out, 23.8 mm high, running, 23.1-23.6 mm high, metal rulers are inserted. Device additionally contains frame with guides. The base is made of two parts. Through slot holes are formed in each part of base along contour of half of future sweep. One part of base is fixed by means of four retainers in guides of common frame for two parts of base, and second part of base is made with possibility of displacement in guides of common frame by width of L3M depending on thickness of book spine by means of screw device placed on frame. Invention consists in creation of device for cutting of paper and cardboard flat patterns of book covers and palettes, by means of which it is possible to cut flat patterns of one book format with variable width of book spine.

Invention relates to the field of printing, namely to booklet-binding production, and can be implemented at enterprises producing book products.

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