Adsorber for cleaning ethanol contains body with inlet and outlet branch pipes, sorbing layer – sorbent between limiting grids, electric […]
The method of producing stabilised colloidal solutions of silver nanoparticles involves reducing silver from an aqueous solution of an argentum […]
A method of securing a pipe in a tube plate opening by pressurizing the inside of the pipe. Pressure of […]
Proposed utility model relates to processing of solid carbon-containing material and can be used in chemical and metallurgical industries, particularly […]
Device for cooling of electrode blanks contains bath filled with liquid coolant, which is equipped with at least two support […]
The controlled drip irrigation system comprises a water tank, a tank filling control means, a distribution pipeline for water drainage […]
Movable jaw of jaw crusher is made in form of plate with hole in upper part for its suspension on […]
Electric contact gasket of electrode column blanks folded for their graphitization in direct heating furnace by Kastner method is made […]