The utility model relates to equipment for processing various materials by extrusion, and can be used in devices for additive manufacturing of products from polymer materials, in particular in 3D-printerakh. Also, the useful model relates to means for processing carbon-containing materials into products and can be used in devices for additive production of products from carbon-containing materials, for example, electrocontact gaskets of electrode column blanks, folded for their graphitization in a direct heating furnace according to the Kastner method.

Extruder of device for three-dimensional printing of composite products contains head equipped with electric heater with nozzle, device of supply to head of binder and filler through channels connected to each other at outlet from nozzle. Extruder is equipped with at least one device for feeding additional binder and/or filler to head, channel of which at outlet from nozzle is connected with channels for feeding binder and filler to head.

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