The utility model relates to biotechnology, namely to means for cultivating basidium fungi, and can be used in laboratories of research or industrial centers in order to obtain biomass of producer strains of biologically active substances.

Fermenter for production of mycelial biomass of basidium fungi by means of deep culturing contains body, in which mixing device, devices for introduction of sterile air, removal of exhaust gases, introduction of nutrient medium and removal of culture liquid, mixing device are located. The housing additionally contains a reservoir and a cover on which the drive of the stirring device is located, and the stirring device has the form of a low-speed frame stirrer with an axis offset by 30 + 5% from the center of the apparatus and elongated in both directions by 25-35% by a horizontal panel, which simultaneously acts as an air mixer and a foam suppressor. Device for introduction of sterile air is made in the form of cylindrical tube partially immersed in culture solution and device for discharge of exhaust gases, introduction of nutrient medium and discharge of culture liquid, which are made in the form of branch pipes or unions connected to cover of body.

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