A method of producing cements for general construction purposes, which includes the use of water deferrization as an additive to the sludge, in which the sludge is dehydrated and dried, and the sludge is mixed with cement in a ball mill to achieve a homogeneous mixture. The additive is a precipitate of iron hydroxide and is ground to a powder before being added to the mixture. Mixing is carried out in a ball mill for (20±2) minutes. The consumption of the additive is from 0.5 to 2.5 wt. % by weight of cement.

The utility model belongs to chemical technology and environmental protection. Its essence lies in the production of composite cement mixtures for construction purposes with the use of iron hydroxide precipitate in the composition, which is a waste product of water deironing technologies, to regulate the properties of cements, giving them increased strength characteristics.

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