A method of demineralization of water purified by baromembrane plants involves the use of a mineralizer. A special container with […]
The method for producing hard alloys with an ultrafine structure includes mixing the starting components, granulation, forming the billet by […]
A method of producing cements for general construction purposes, which includes the use of water deferrization as an additive to […]
The aviation gravimetric system includes a system for determining navigation parameters (1), an onboard computer (15), an altimeter (2), and […]
The installation for producing high-octane motor fuel components from polymeric waste includes a hopper, a screw drive, an electric furnace, […]
The cam mechanism for periodic rotation includes a body, a drive shaft with a main cam mounted on it, a […]
The ultrasonic equipment for impact machining of internal surfaces of long bores of parts consists of a source of vibration […]
A stamping package for deep drawing hollow products from sheet material, which includes a die and a punch. The die […]