A stamping package for deep drawing hollow products from sheet material, which includes a die and a punch. The die has a hole in the center and a working profiled surface formed by protrusions in the form of torsos and cavities between them, the diameter and pitch of which are selected to reduce tangential stresses in the area of the workpiece end under load. In addition, the stamp package additionally includes a clamp that fixes the workpiece on the working profiled surface of the die. The working profiled surface has a horizontal section in addition to the radial one, and the side surface of the punch also has protrusions in the form of torus and cavities between them.

The utility model belongs to the field of forming a product under pressure from a metal sheet blanks. The object of a utility model is a tool that is used when pulling hollow products of considerable length made of sheet material by pressing on the bottom of the workpiece.

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