The ultrasonic equipment for impact machining of internal surfaces of long bores of parts consists of a source of vibration excitation in the form of an ultrasonic vibration reciprocating drive, containing a housing with an ultrasonic transducer containing an ultrasonic vibrating speed transformer with an end working surface and a forced cooling system placed with a gap in the housing, as well as impactors placed with the possibility of contact interaction with the end working surface of the transformer and the The ultrasonic transformer of oscillating speed is made in stages. The length of the small-area step with the end working surface is made of a length that is a multiple of an odd number of quarters of the resonant strain wave length, which is set along the length of the ultrasonic transducer. Additionally, it contains a similar ultrasonic reciprocating vibration drive with an ultrasonic transducer. The ultrasonic transducers are placed coaxially and counter[1]rotatingly, in such a way that the steps of a small area with the end working surfaces of the ultrasonic transformers of the oscillating speed of the vibration drives are placed inside the long hole of the part with the formation of a radial gap relative to the inner surface of the hole to be impacted, with the formation between this surface and the end working surfaces of the vibration drives of the working chamber, in which the ball impactors made of high-strength material are freely placed.

The utility model belongs to the field of technological use of ultrasonic energy vibrations and can be used in mechanical engineering, aircraft construction, shipbuilding, as well as in other industries in which structures with long openings are used, internal the surfaces of which wear out quickly due to intense friction.

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