The invention belongs to general mechanical engineering and can be used in development of ground robotic complexes.
What is new is that the leg support contains a ball joint that connects the support to the end of the lower lever, and each lower lever contains a damper in the form of torsion and connected to it shells, between which an elastic insert is placed, while one part of the lever is connected with
torsion, and the other – with a clip.
What is new is that between the end of the upper arm and the controlled actuator of the lower arm a damper is installed in the form of a torsion in the shell, between which an elastic insert is placed, at the same time, the end of the upper lever is connected to the torsion bar, and the controlled drive is connected to the shell.
The modification data of the walking device of the mobile robot create an optimization effect dynamic characteristics of step-by-step movement of the device, exclusion of percussion loads, reducing energy consumption in drives due to parameter synchronization sinusoidal vertical and horizontal movements of individual supports, will provide links smooth movement.

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The authors of the patent

  • Reaserch team NN MMI-04. Development, calculation, modeling of drive systems of machine tools, robots and other machines

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