Utility model relates to grinding equipment, in particular, to centrifugal roller-pendulum mills, and can be used in chemical, mining and […]
1. A device for cooling electrode blanks, comprising a bath filled with a liquid coolant, characterized in that the bath […]
The waveguide-planar transition comprises a hollow metal tube of rectangular section, part of which, adjacent to its first end, forms […]
High-frequency wattmeter of the therapeutic apparatus, on the board of which there is a multiplication circuit through quadrature. The quadrupling […]
Waveguide-planar band-pass filter contains the first rectangular waveguide, one end of which serves as filter inlet, in E-plane of which […]
A device for manufacturing tubular articles with a profiled inner surface comprising: on which four perpendicular working modules are fixed, […]
Method for deep drawing of hollow articles from sheet material, according to which blank is installed in profiled matrix, working […]
The method of testing the pipe for strength and density includes sealing the pipe at both ends, removing air from […]