Method for deep drawing of hollow articles from sheet material, according to which blank is installed in profiled matrix, working the (profiled) surface of which has an opening and is formed by surfaces in the form of tori and depressions between them; which reduces the tangential load on the outer wall of the workpiece, the punch with the rounded bottom part is lowered down; it presses on the workpiece in the region of the end of the semi-finished product, which results in partial filling of the cavities between the tops of the tori with the workpiece material; Note here that blank material does not touch straight lines of die formed by deepest parts of recesses. Note here that blank is pressed below and removed from punch. Before pressing the punch on the bottom of the workpiece, press it with a clamp to the horizontal part of the working (profiled) surface of the die is then pressed along the radial part of the working (profiled) surface and smooth walls of the die below the spring-loaded extractors and removed, moreover, the effect on the workpiece also occurs from the inside due to the presence on the side surface of the punch of protrusions in the form of tori and depressions between them, which during shaping are partially filled with the material of the workpiece.

The utility model relates to the field of forming a pressure article from a metal sheet billet. The object of the utility model is a method that is used when extracting hollow articles of considerable length from sheet material by pressure on the bottom of the workpiece.

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