Market and economic attractiveness

  • The economic expediency of using the proposed methods of production of bimetallic materials is:
    • in significant and rational saving of material and energy resources;
    • reduction of the specific cost of used production areas and labor costs;
    • the possibilities of optimizing the choice of the most effective method of manufacturing bimetals.
  • It is shown that the time spent on the implementation of the mentioned technologies, depending on the complexity, is from 3 to 12 months.

The main advantages (strengths) of the development

  • Laser – casting and combined methods of manufacturing bimetals of various sizes and geometric shapes have been developed and implemented , which make it possible to reduce the cost, increase the productivity and quality of manufacturing bimetals without losing functionality and work resource
  • The developed technologies make it possible to manufacture bimetals with a guaranteed metallurgical connection between the functional layer and the base

Main characteristics

Temporary resistance to destruction
(depending on the thickness of the bimetal)
450…500 MN/m2
Grafting strength per section150…200 MN/m2
The cost of 1 m2 of bimetal with a thickness of 1 to 10 mmfrom UAH 5.6 thousand. up to UAH 62,000
Economic efficiency of using bimetal to solidfrom 3.2 to 22 thousand UAH/m2
Dimensions0.5x1m to 5x10m
  • The cost and productivity of bimetal production depend on the characteristics of the functional layer:
    • chemical and phase composition;
    • its thickness and hardness;
    • adhesion strength to the base;
    • geometric dimensions
Manufacturing cost2.5…7.2 thousand UAH/m2
Possible thickness2-25 mm
With a functional layer1-4 mm
Dimensionsfrom 0.5-1 to 5-10 m

Ready state

  • Fully functional sample tested
  • Modes of experimental production have been implemented
  • The basic production technology has been defined and tested
  • The technical requirements for the product have been clarified
  • Patent applications have been submitted
  • The business model has been refined

Information about developers

What is needed to promote development

  • Considerable funds for the purchase of powerful laser equipment

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