The research team works in the field of medical acoustics and can provide the following research services in the field of healthcare development:

  • provide advice and conduct a systematic analysis of the development of electroacoustic medical equipment
  • conduct applied research in the field of applied acoustics and electronics:
    • develop methods for construction and calculation design, as well as create modern and new medical electroacoustic broadband devices for diagnosis and treatment;
    • conduct computer modelling of human auditory system;
    • develop new objective methods for diagnosing human hearing and hearing screening of newborns;
    • develop new algorithms of music therapy for the treatment of disorders of the central nervous system, organic brain damage, stress, and effective psychological rehabilitation of man
  • develop software using::
    • programming languages: С; Visual Studio; PHP; Python;
    • software environments:Matlab з програмним пакетом Simulink; Comsol Multiphysics; Mathcad; Cisco Packet Tracer;  Nextion Editor;
    • computer-aided design systems: SolidWorks; Kompas; Altium Designer;
    • software packages for modeling electronic circuits: Multisim;
    • software packages for processing acoustic signals: Audacity;
    • microcontrollers programming: Arduino; AVR; Mega 16; USART; SPI; TWI
  • develop and produce the prototypes of:
    • broadband ultrasonic diagnostic systems i.e. echoscopes (scanners, ultrasound imaging) to obtain internal organs images;
    • broadband passive non-invasive ultrasonic acoustothermometers for measuring the deep human body temperature;
    • new generation audiological means;
    • ultrasonic surgical devices.



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