The invention belongs to the extrusion technology of processing thermoplastic materials, including composite ones, and can be used to make ultra-wide ones flat polymer films from sleeve film blanks for use as
geomaterial in construction and agriculture, in particular as filtration screens the bottom of artificial reservoirs.
A device is offered for implementing a method of assembling an extruded polymeric sleeve films The device contains two folding cheeks located at an acute angle to each other, two parallel traction rolls, mounted at the exit from the formed folding cheeks gap, as well as two elements placed between the cheeks to form creases on the sleeve to the folding polymer film, while between the folding cheeks is placed at least one additional pair of elements for the formation of creases, while the elements for the formation of folds is placed with the possibility of adjusting their position both along and across the space between the compound cheeks.
The invention provides formation on a sleeve polymer film consisting of, at least four folds, which significantly reduces the width of the folded film, and therefore significantly simplifies handling her.

The authors of the patent

  • Scientific group HTF-01. Functional and nanocomposite materials

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