The utility model belongs to the wind energy industry. Such pneumatic power plants usually use consumers of electric energy, which, […]
Proposed useful model relates to medical equipment and is intended for use in ultrasonic therapeutic devices. Such devices are used […]
The utility model relates to biotechnology, namely to means for cultivating basidium fungi, and can be used in laboratories of […]
Proposed method comprises preliminary machining of inner surfaces, machining of outer ends, hardening of blank, final machining of mounting hole, […]
Aviation gravimetric system with a two-channel transformer gravimeter for measuring anomalies of acceleration of gravity, which contains a transformer gravimeter […]
The heat exchange pipe comprises screw grooves of depth h with pitch t and angle of inclination to the longitudinal […]
Aircraft intelligent gravimetric system for measurement of gravity acceleration anomalies comprises gravimeter in sealed housing with two channels, in each […]
The combined driving of the well charge includes a hydraulic breaking in the well, a vessel with an explosive substance, […]