Aircraft intelligent gravimetric system for measurement of gravity acceleration anomalies comprises gravimeter in sealed housing with two channels, in each of which one sensitive element is installed, the outputs of which are connected to the input of the adder; the output of which is connected to the input of the amplifier with a protective ring, the output of which is connected through a digital module to the input of the on-board computer; which is connected to a pre-trained intelligent Fuzzy-module, previously trained on the signal of gravitational anomaly Δ g to recognize the types of minerals, the output of which is the output of the intelligent gravimetric system. The sensitive elements used are piezoelectric elements, which are identical and made in the form of piezoelectric plates, between the piezoelectric plates there is a common inertial mass, which is attached to the centers of the upper and lower piezoelectric elements through springs, and the outputs of the piezoelectric plates of both channels are connected to the inputs of the adder.

The utility model relates to the field of measuring equipment and can be used for gravimetric measurements on aircraft in inertial navigation systems, in geology, geodesy during remote search for minerals.

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