The invention relates to mechanical engineering, in particular to devices and mechanisms for machine tools, and can be widely used […]
The device for the construction of monolithic tunnel support includes a tunnel boring shield with head and tail cylindrical shells, […]
The device for measuring the temperature separation of the polarization thermal imager includessequentially located on the same optical axis, the […]
The invention relates to the chemical industry and can be used in column apparatus for carrying out processes of rectification, […]
Metal-ceramic composite material for resistance welding electrodes, in which a mixture of copper powder and powder of eutectic composition of […]
The device for determining the coefficient of friction of bulk materials on a contact surface with different roughness contains a […]
The combined seismic-acoustic detector module consists of a closed hermetically sealed module housing, which houses: a vertically directed seismic sensor […]
The invention relates to devices for damping mechanical vibrations and can be used, for example, in medical technology in the […]