A method of manufacturing a lightweight layered composite material, in which the package consists of metal plates, which is impregnated […]
A method for producing organosolvent pulp, which uses non-wood plant raw materials. As a non-wood plant raw materials are used, […]
The channel of inter-satellite communication in the terahertz frequency band contains two geostationary communication satellites – master and slave, inter-satellite […]
A method for finding the average spectrum of speech, comprising sound recording of speech material by speakers in a soundproof […]
An electric machine with a built-in gearless electromechanical differential contains fixed and movable inductors with separate power supply of windings […]
A method for obtaining a zinc(II) oxide photocatalyst by precipitation includes the addition of 1M NaOH dropwise to the initial […]
The worm gear contains a worm and a worm wheel kinematically connected to each other. The worm wheel is made […]
The method of forming magnetic material based on FePd includes heating and holding isothermally thin magnetic soft FePd film with […]