The invention relates to electronic devices and apparatus, and more particularly to gas discharge electron guns for technological purposes, and can be used for electron beam melting, evaporation, welding and other thermal processes performed in vacuum using powerful electron beams. The gas-discharge electron gun contains a high-voltage insulator, a cold metal cathode, a hollow anode and a magnetic focusing lens located along its axis. The cold cathode is covered by a near-cathode electrode, which protrudes beyond the emission surface and the surface of the cathode connection to the insulator. The protrusions in cross-section have a rounded shape with a radius of 0.5 of the width of the insulating gap between the cathode electrode and the gun body, and their height is 1-1.5 mm of the width of the insulating gap. The cathode electrode is made of stainless steel 1X18H10T. The gun body opposite the profiled protrusions of the cathode electrode has a rounded shape in cross section, the radius of which coincides in size with the radius of the rounded protrusions of the cathode electrode. The technical result of the invention is to improve the gas discharge electron gun, in which by ensuring the homogeneity of the electric field between the cathode and the anode is achieved by increasing the stability of its operation. Also, the technical result is to increase the stability of operation in difficult vacuum conditions, simplicity and reliability in operation.

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