The three-phase combined compensating converter contains a three-phase transformer, to the secondary winding of which a three-phase bridge compensation circuit is connected, common point of one of the non-compensating three-phase groups of power electric valves is one of converter clamps, to another compensating three-phase power electric group valves, a three-phase group of fully controlled devices is connected in series phase-by-phase, the common point of which is the second clamp of the converter, and to the points of the serial in-phase connection of power electric valves and transistors connected three-phase capacitor the battery, which, together with a group of fully controlled instruments, is a switching link converter. Two three-phase are connected to the secondary winding of a three-phase transformer bridge circuits, and so that phases A, B, C are connected to phases A, B, C of the transformer of one scheme and B, C, A of another, a common point of two non-compensatory ones of the same name
(for example, anode) three-phase groups of power electric valves connected to each other in parallel, is one of the clamps of the converter, in the other (compensating) pair of three-phase groups of power electric valves, their cathodes are switched in phase and to the switching points connected switching link.

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  • Reaserch team FEA-03. Converters of electrical energy of compensation type

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