The invention belongs to water purification systems and can be used in systems life support of manned space vehicles for the regeneration of water from liquid products life activities of the crew. The distillation system has a thermoelectric heat pump, included successively by the corresponding sides in the circulation circuits of the evaporated solution and condensate, heat exchanger-cooler included in the circulation circuit supercooled condensate, fresh solution supply system, drainage system distillate, gases (non-condensable) and concentrate, centrifugal distiller with hermetically sealed housing, which houses the rotor, which contains sequentially arranged evaporator of the superheated solution, recuperative stages of distillation, steam condenser the last stage of evaporation and the condensate collector. The distiller is equipped scoop pumps built into the rotor, which provide the necessary movements liquid flows in the distillation system. Fixed on the lid of the evaporator of the superheated solution the fan blades, near the axis of rotation of the rotor, the housing cover is equipped with nozzles, interconnected by a steam-gas channel, and the outer side of the condensate collector equipped with a ring pocket, which is connected to the maximum radius condensate collector through channels in its wall. The distillation system will ensure reduction irreversible losses of water during its regeneration from water-containing waste and specific costs energy, and will also increase its reliability.

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