Market and economic attractiveness

  • The development is intended for monitoring water and forest areas, oil and gas pipelines, the state border, conducting search and rescue operations, optical-electronic, radio-electronic reconnaissance, aerial photography and communication relaying. The development is in demand on the market of the military-industrial complex, for search and rescue operations

The main advantages (strengths) of the development

  • The tactical capabilities of the unmanned aerial vehicle complex (UAV ) make it possible to take off from the hand in the absence of a special launch pad and additional devices for takeoff.
  • The range of receiving and transmitting data from BpAK is up to 5 km. BpAK can be transported by soldiers in backpacks or containers (weight no more than 10 kg).
  • Landing on the fuselage, BpAK search system is provided

Main characteristics

Flight speed20–50 km/h
Flight durationfrom 120 min
The mass of the target load0.5 kg
Maximum take-off weight5.0 kg
Wingspan2100 mm
Wing length1600 mm
Type of power plantelectric
Range with/without transmission of information5/20 km
Control modesautomatic, semi-automatic,

Ready state

  • The laboratory sample has been tested
  • Modes of experimental production have been implemented
  • The basic production technology has been defined and tested
  • The partner environment is defined
  • Patent applications have been submitted
  • The competitive environment is defined

Information about developers

What is needed to promote development

Resources and conditions for creating a set of technological equipment with the production of a pre -series sample

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