The three-phase double-bridge compensation converter contains on the AC side a three-phase transformer, to the secondary winding of which a three-phase bridge compensation circuit is connected, the common point of one of the three-phase groups of power electric valves is one of the terminals of the converter, to the other three-phase group of power electric valves a switching link is connected in series in phase, consisting of a three-phase group of fully controlled devices (e.g. IGBT transistors), a three-phase capacitor bank is connected to the points of serial phase connection of power electric valves and transistors, the common point of transistors connected by a star is the second terminal of the converter. Two three-phase bridge compensation circuits are connected to the secondary winding of the transformer, one of which has a switching link connected to the electric valves of the cathode group, and the other – to the anode group, while the output terminals of the converter are the middle terminals of two-phase balancing reactors, which provide a parallel connection of the bridge circuits

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