The device for liquid distillation consists of a bottom and a lid, between which a spiral tape with several turns is vertically arranged, the outer of which is hermetically fixed between the bottom and the lid, and all other turns have a lower height and are evenly spaced to its center, where a connecting element is installed, protruding above the inner surface of the bottom so that it overlaps the level of the lower edge of the spiral tape, which has a gap with the bottom, the spiral tape with the upper edge of all inner turns is hermetically sealed to the lid, and the last turn – to the bottom near the protrusion of the king, and the outer turn has a flat bend on which there is a fitting for connecting the deflagrator to the refrigerator, and in the inner part of the connecting element along the entire height there is a regular nozzle, the tightness of all connections is performed by soldering, welding.

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