The invention relates to nuclear energy and can be used in the construction of dry spent fuel storage facilities. The device for storage of spent nuclear fuel includes a protective shell with equipped ventilation windows, bottom and lid, as well as a container with spent fuel assemblies placed in the protective shell, while the container is placed in the protective shell with a gap relative to its inner surface for circulation of atmospheric air between them and cooling of the container. The device is also equipped with at least one thermoelectric generator based on Peltier elements, one junction of each of which is brought into contact with the outer surface of the container, and the second is placed in the gap between the protective shell and the container, wherein each thermoelectric generator is electrically connected with at least one fan for forced circulation of atmospheric air in the gap between the container and the inner surface of the protective shell and/or with at least one thermoelectric refrigerator on Peltier elements located in the gap between the protective shell and the container. The technical result of the invention is to ensure the use of thermal energy of spent nuclear fuel, which is spent to intensify the process of its cooling, which improves the storage conditions of spent nuclear fuel and increases the safety of its management.

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