The body of the receiving-transmitting module of the active phased array antenna contains base with mounting and heat exchange surfaces, straight longitudinal channels and places for installing cooled elements located on the mounting surface, and cooling fins made on the heat exchange surface, flat heat pipes with a wick on the inner surface of the body of heat pipes, installed with the provision of thermal contact in the straight longitudinal channels of the base so that the flat thermal evaporation zones pipes are located in the area of ​​places for installing cooled elements, and zones condensation of heat pipes is located in the area of ​​the heat exchange surface with ribs cooling. The wick in flat heat pipes is made mainly within the zone evaporation in the form of threaded grooves with a small pitch, and straight longitudinal channels and flat heat pipes are located with an inclination relative to the horizon with provision excess of condensation zones of heat pipes above their evaporation zones in the working inclined position of the module housing.

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