The method belongs to the processing of materials by pressure and can be used in machine-building, aviation, metallurgical and other industries to obtain nanocrystalline blanks of metals and alloys with improved physical and mechanical properties.
What is new is that the workpiece is pressed into a hollow matrix with a larger cross-section channel, which in turn rotates around its axis relative to the container and carries out axial movement with back pressure to fill the matrix cavity with material blanks
The method provides high efficiency in the production of massive blanks with fine grain structure due to the achievement of large degrees of shear deformations, and as a result continuity of the pressing process, high homogeneity of the structure is achieved. In addition, the method can be used to process powder materials to reduce them porosity and increase in mechanical properties.

The authors of the patent

  • Scientific group NN MMI-10. Ensuring the resource and operational reliability of machine-building products of homogeneous and composite materials by technological methods

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