The gas-discharge electronic gun and the method of controlling its current belong to the electronic one equipment, and more specifically to gas-discharge guns of technological purpose and can be used for electron-beam technological processes performed in a vacuum using electron beams. The cannon contains located along its axis cold cathode, hollow perforated anode, discharge chamber covering the hollow perforated anode, and beam with magnetic focusing lenses. Discharge the chamber is structurally divided by a partition horizontally into two volumes, moreover the upper volume is connected to the cavity of the perforated anode through holes on the cathode side, a the lower volume is connected to the anode cavity through holes on the side of the beam. Management current is carried out by separately controlled supply of two gases – light, hydrogen or helium, in the upper volume of the discharge chamber and oxygen in the lower volume of the discharge chamber, at their continuous pumping through the hole in the bottom of the anode. The technical result is an increase gas and energy efficiency, as well as stability of energy parameters electron beam.

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