The device for testing electromechanical systems of electric vehicles contains interconnected by means of energy and information transmission the electromechanical system under test, the load electromechanical system, the speed sensor, the control device, and the DC power supply. The control device is represented by a computing module with an implemented dynamic model of vehicle motion that takes into account its mass-inertial and aerodynamic properties, static motion resistance moments created by motion resistance forces. The computing module serves as a means of forming a trajectory of torque and speed changes of the electromechanical system under test in accordance with a given vehicle movement cycle.

The utility model belongs to the fields of electrical engineering, electromechanics, converterequipment, information-measuring equipment and can be used to carry out testing of electromechanical systems (EMS) of electric vehicles (ETS), which provides for the emulation of typical modes of operation of vehicles.

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