Cam mechanism of periodic rotation includes housing, drive shaft with cam installed in it, open at minimum radii-vectors, driven shaft with main gear fixed on it and rollers uniformly fixed on it in a circle for interaction with cam; Note here that adjacent rollers are arranged in simultaneous contact with cam equipradius section during driven shaft alignment. additional gear and elastic link, which is fixed by one end on eccentrically installed pin on additional gear. An additional gear and an elastic link with the other end are fixed on the housing, an additional sector is installed on the cam, the profile of which forms a groove with the profile of the main cam and interacts with the roller in the initial phase of the driven link rotation.

The utility model relates to mechanical engineering, namely, to mechanisms of periodic rotation, and can be used to obtain periodic rotation of driven links with provision of the necessary law of periodic movement, accurate fixation during the exposure and the period of duration of rotation to the full kinematic cycle specified according to the requirements of the technological process.

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