The utility model relates to the field of chemical industry, in particular the creation of corrosion protection means for steel, in particular metal products operated in corrosive air and aqueous environments. Such inhibitors can be used for temporary anti-corrosion protection during storage and transportation of metal products in atmospheric conditions, in water environment conditions for recycling water supply systems, water cooling systems in chemical, food and other industries.

Method of producing corrosion inhibitor of steel for corrosive air and water media consists in one-stage simultaneous mechanical mixing of components, which include trialkoxysilane or substituted trialkoxysilane and additional substances, which contain a mixture of volatile, low- and high-molecular compounds. The process is carried out in a chemical reactor at room temperature and normal pressure. As additional substances containing mixture of volatile, low- and high-molecular compounds, vegetable extract obtained from waste plant raw materials by system of extractants water-isopropyl alcohol-ethyl alcohol of moderate polarity (polarity index 6.3-6.9) is used.

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