The research team works in the field of industrial production, energy, agriculture, health care, ecology and the environment and can provide the following scientific services:

  • provide consulting and perform system analysis:
    • combustion technologies;
    • combustion processes;
    • burner devices;
    • environmental problems
  • conduct applied scientific research in the field of:
    • industrial production;
    • power engineering;
    • Agriculture;
    • Health Care;
    • ecology and environment
  • ensure production engineering (development and improvement of structures and technologies)
  • conduct marketing research
  • modernization of energy equipment based on own scientific developments
  • develop software using:
    • programming languages: Luba, Vbasik ;
    • software environment: Burner devices, Solidb Works, Anays-19;
  • develop and manufacture research samples
    • burner devices


NN IATE-08-01. Jet-niche fuel combustion technology (SNT)

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