Market and Economic Attractiveness

  • The market and economic attractiveness of the development lies in the intensification of energy production by downhole technologies;
  • Possibility of increasing the completeness of mining when using dilatancy technologies;
  • The use of dilatant well technology significantly reduces the negative impact on the environment compared to the stimulation method with fracturing;
  • Тhe possibility of using dilatancy technology if it is necessary to locally increase the productivity of an individual well without affecting other wells;
  • The use of dilatancy technology will lead to an increase in market and economic attractiveness in the extraction of minerals by downhole technologies.

Main Advantages (Strengths) of the Device

  • Unlike hydraulic fracturing technology with significant environmental disturbances, the local impact of dilatancy technology has almost no effect on the environment.
  • Insignificant financial costs compared to the fracturing technology allow using the proposed technology locally for each well.

Main Characteristics

  • The main characteristics of the development meet the technological requirements of rock processing for a particular well.
Mineralsoil, gas, gas condensate, water
Range of working diameterfrom 95 to 350 mm
Well depthto 6000 m
Total mass of explosivesfrom 3.0 kG to 25 kG
Decompaction zone radiusto  15 m

Marketing Readiness

  • Improvement of own product
  • Production status on the pilot line carried out
  • The composition of the pilot production line is determined
  • Staff trained
  • Risk mitigation plan created
  • Business model improved

Developer Information

Research team NN IEE-17. Resource-saving technologies in mining

What is Needed to Promote the Device

  • Information and advertising support of the developed technology.
  • Financing for the development of pilot industrial samples and scientific support of technology.
  • Assistance in placing orders in the manufacture of working equipment.
  • Customers and mining enterprises – downhole mining method.

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