The stabilizer torch with angular distribution of gas contains a housing for air supply with one or more hollow gas supply modular ring collectors-stabilizers placed inside it, elongated along the air flow, flowing with the air flow. In the annular channels between the modular collectors-stabilizers there are blade registers, which are installed at different angles relative to the longitudinal axis of the gas burner. Each stabilizer on both sides is flowed by differently swirling air flows. The end of the outlet tail part of the hollow gas supply modular collector-stabilizer is made in the form of an angular niche deepened into the cavity of the stabilizer with an angle at the top ω, in which the top of the angle is directed inside the cavity of the collector-stabilizer towards the flow. The angular niche is formed by two walls, each of which has holes for gas supply, made perpendicular to their surfaces. Gas jets on their way cross the width of the stabilizer recirculation zone and are immersed in the air flow flowing around the stabilizer surface from the opposite side.

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